Robert Sandford Graham1

M, #34743, d. 20 August 1975
Last Edited19 Feb 2017
     Robert died on 20 August 1975 in Ottawa, Ontario, CanadaG.1


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Bertha (?)1

F, #34747
Last Edited22 Feb 2017
     Bertha married Robert Grogan.1


Robert Grogan


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Julia (?)1

F, #34748
Last Edited8 Feb 2018
     Julia married George MacDonald.2
     In the obituary of Dr. George Alfred MacDonald who died 18 November 1940, his mother, Julia MacDonald of Brantford, ON, was listed as a survivor.1,2


George MacDonald


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Victor Zumach1,2

M, #34756, b. 30 January 1905, d. 21 February 1905
Last Edited27 Feb 2017
     Victor Zumach was born illegitimate on 30 January 1905 in London, Middlesex County, Ontario, CanadaG; according to Ontario Birth Registration 027793. The father's name was stroked out with a large "B" added to the entry.2 Victor died on 21 February 1905 in Middlesex County, Ontario, CanadaG.1


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Caroline (?)1

F, #34758
Last Edited28 Feb 2017
     Caroline married Gollip Yange.1
     Caroline Yange was mother of the bridegroom at the marriage of August Yange and Anne Krieger on 24 April 1874.1


Gollip Yange


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Ivan Bayne1

M, #34759, b. 8 May 1915, d. 22 November 2002
Last Edited28 Feb 2017
     Ivan Bayne was born on 8 May 1915 in Tuxford, Saskatchewan, CanadaG.2 Ivan died on 22 November 2002 at age 87.2


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