Dad's Ancestors

  • Atkin. Edward Born in about 1816 in England, Edward married Eliza Brown White, a sister of Thomas Boothby White. They came to Canada in about 1846, settling in Collingwood Twp., Grey County, Ontario
  • Croskill, William Born about 1803 in Lincolnshire. His son, Benjamin married Mary Ann White, a sister of Thomas Boothby White. After Benjamin's death in Lincolnshire in 1870, she joined her siblings in Collingwood Township, Grey County, Ontario.
  • Gilray, Robert This is an ancestor of David Bolling, born in Montreal in about 1816. Two of his sons married into our related families: Thomas married Ellen Atkins, and James Robert married Mary Ann White.
  • Green, Mayman Another of David Bolling's ancestors. His daughter, Mary married Samuel, a brother of Thomas Boothby White.
  • Langdale, Thomas 6x great-grandfather of Rick, born in about 1690 in England. His great-grandson, Thomas and his family came from Yorkshire to Dearborn County, Indiana in 1828.
  • Moffat, Robert Earliest know Moffat ancestor, 2nd great grandfather of Rick Moffat
  • Patchett, John Possibly Rick's 7x great-grandfather, born about the 1650's in England. If my assumptions are correct, his 3x great-granddaughter, Mary Ann Brown/Patchett married Michael White.
  • Renwick, James Rick's 4x great-grandfather, born about 1701 in Scotland. Senior member of the Renwick/Moffat family. His granddaughter, Jane/Jean married Robert Moffat.
  • Vamplew, James Born in the later 1700's. His son, William Vamplew married Anna Maria White, a sister of Thomas Boothby White, They moved to Canada in about 1845, eventually settling in Collingwood Township, Grey County, Ontario.
  • White, Michael Rick's 2x great-grandfather, born in 1786 in Lincolnshire. He was a simple farmer labourer, but his children and grandchildren found success in Canada and New Zealand.
  • White, Thomas Possibly Rick's 7x great-grandfather, born in the late 1600's. If my assumptions are correct, his 3x great-grandson, Michael (above) married Mary Ann Brown/Patchett in 1812.

Mom's Ancesstors

  • Gienow, Frederick Rick's 3x great-grandfather, born about 1805 in Pommern (in modern Germany.) Father-in-law of Carl Zummach.
  • Jurth, Johann Gottfried 3x great-grandfather of Rick Moffat, born about 1797 in Brandenburg (modern Germany.) Father of the Jurt, Yurdt, Yourt, Yourth family.
  • Krieger, Annie nee Yourth My great-grandmother. See a transcript of her 1909 endorsement of Dodd's Kidney Pills, a popular "patent medicine" of the day.
  • Krieger, Christie 2x great-grandfather of Rick Moffat, born in 1833 at Frankfurt on Oder (not to be confused with Frankfurt on Main which I have visited on business trips to Germany.) Father of the Canadian Krieger's of Renfrew County.
  • Zummach, Carl Rick's 2x great-grandfather, born about 1826. He came to Ontario in about 1858. He was the father of the Zummach/Summach family line in Canada

Carole's Dad's Ancestors

  • Maheu sieur des Hazards, Pierre Carole's 7x great-grandfather on her father's side, born in 1630 in Perche, France. He came to New France (Quebec) before 1659. Maheu was later transformed to Mayhew.
  • Mayhew, Elkanah Carole's great-granduncle who may have been a victim of the Jacob Baker Hoax.
  • Watson, Archibald Carole's 2x great-grandfather on her father's side, born in the early 1800's in Perthshire, Scotland. He came to Ontario in 1834.

Carole's Mom's Ancestors

  • Gabel, Jacob Carole Moffat's 2x great-grandfather on her mother's side, born in 1830.
  • Kreutzer, Freidrich Carole's 2x great-grandfather, born in the early 1800's, possibly in Austria.
  • Porth, Jacob Wilhelm Carole's Great Grandfather, father of Elizabeth Porth who married Wilhelm Kreutzer.

Renfrew County Connections

  • Kielow, John Born about 1823 in Germany, his descendants settled in Renfrew County, Ontario. His son, Martin Kielo married Mary Krieger. His grandson, John Albert Kielo moved to Saskatchewan in about 1906. Kielo's farmed near the Fred Summach home farm in the Avondale district.
  • Pilgrim, William Born in about 1820 in Germany. He settled in Renfrew County, Ontario. His grandson, William Henry Pilgrim's farm yard was about 1 mile west of Grandpa Fred Summach's farm yard.
  • Potter, Samuel Senior member of the Potter family, born in the early 1800's in Germany. His grandson, Alexander married Lydia Summach, and eventally settled in what would become the Steele Heights district of Edmonton.
  • Schanab, Martin Born about 1802 in what is now Germany, his family name later evolved to Junop, and Schonnop. Junop's farmed in the Asquith district after coming west from Renfrew County, Ontario.

Alford/Christian Connections

  • Alford, Isham Earliest reliably identified Alford, born in 1755 in North Carolina. He was briefly held captive by the British during the American Revolution
  • Christian, William Earliest identified Christian family ancestor, born in 1758 in Virginia.