Remembering those that served their countries.

Key to Military Conflict Abbreviations

BW = Boer War, 1899-1902
CW-CS = Civil War, Confederate States, 1861-1865
CW-US = Civil War, United States, 1861-1865
GW = Gulf War 1, 1990-1991
KW = Korea, 1950-1953
MW = Mexican War, 1846
NWR = North West Rebellion, 1885
Other = Other conflicts or peace time
RW = Revolutionary War, 1775-1782
SAW = Spanish American War, 1898
VW = Vietnam, 1964-1973 W-1812 = War of 1812, 1812-1814
WWI-CA = World War I, Canada,1914-1918
WWI-NZ = World War I, New Zealand, 1914-1918
WWI-US = World War I, United States, 1914-1918
WWII-CA = World War II, Canada, 1939-1945
WWII-US = World War II, United States, 1941-1945

Honour Roll

These individuals were killed in action or died of wounds.
  • Airth, Private Robert Roy (WWI-CA) (1896-1916) Carole's 3rd cousin, one time removed. Update required, service file has been digitized
  • Allcock, Gunner Nelson Stiele (WWII-CA) (1918-1941) Rick's second cousin. Died in London during a blackout while serving as a dispatch rider
  • Anderson, William Alexander (WWI-CA) (1897-1916) First cousin of my Uncle Elmer Hume. Update required, service file has been digitized
  • Armstrong, 2nd Lieutenant Hilliard R (WWI-CA) (1896-1917) 2nd Lieut H.M. Armstrong, R.F.C., and 2nd Lieut E. Hughes, R.F.C., were killed on November 14th in an aeroplane collision above the railway line between Corstorphine and the Firth of Forth. The machines were flying at a considerable height when they came into collision and took fire. No relation. I found him while researching the Rorke family of Grey County, Ontario.
  • Boland, Bertram Young (WWI-CA) (1897-1918) Cousin of the husband of Grandpa Fred Summach's sister, Annie. Killed instantly by a sniper's bullet. Update required, service file has been digitized
  • Briscoe, Sergeant Thomas Clifford, M.M. (WWI-CA) (1895-1917) Carole's 3rd cousin, 1 time removed. Killed in action "during the advance on AVION, this non-commisioned officer was one of the first to reach the objectives, but at that moment was instantly killed by enemy shell fire." Update required, service file has been digitized
  • Chambers, Harry [WWI-CA] Harry Chambers is on the Asquith Honour Role
  • Elliott, Flight Lieutenant Eldon Burke (WWII-CA) (1910-1943) Killed in Action. My Dad's first cousin, 1 time removed.
  • Gienow, Private Daniel Francis (WWI-CA) (1895-1917) Killed in action on the first day of the attack at Vimy Ridge. My 2nd cousin, two times removed. Uncle of Ralph Gienow of Edmonton.
  • Grogan, Flt Sgt Gordon Stuart (WWII-GB) No relation.. He was "Aunt" Terry Summach's first husband who died when the bomber he was in went down in Germany, killing all aboard.
  • Junop, Private Gordon David (WWII-CA) (1924-1944) No relation, but related to the Junop's of Renfrew County and the Asquith district. Gordon Junop and 6 other service members were killed instantly (during training at Mount Bruno Military Camp in Quebec) when a mortar round exploded prematurely in the barrel of a 3-inch mortar. Three others died of their wounds, seven were listed as "dangerously wounded" and eight were "seriously wounded" and another 20 were wounded.
  • Knapp, Private Benjamin Marcus (WWI-CA) (1898-1917) Killed at Vimy Ridge but 4 months after it was taken. No relation, but related to the Ashdown and Rousell families of Asquith.
  • Lockhart, Lieutenant William Eric (WWI-CA) (1893-1917) My 3rd cousin, 1 time removed. In February 1917 he received his commission in the Engineers, and shortly afterwards was seconded to the R. Flying Corps. He returned to France on June 2nd, being appointed to the 100th Squadron, and began Night flying over the lines. Ten days later, when he was acting as machine-gunner, the plane fell just before crossing the enemy's lines, killing him instantly.
  • MacDonald, Sgt. Pilot George (WWII-GB) (c1922-1942). No relation. Related to the husband of grand-aunt Annie Boland nee Zummach. He and his crew died during a training flight when a dingy broke lose inside their plane, fouling navigation controls.
  • Mayhew, Pilot Officer Charles Alan (WWII-CA) Carole's 3rd cousin one time removed. Died when his bomber was shot down over the Netherlands.
  • McLaren, Private George Alexander (WWI-CA) 1897-1918) Carole's 3rd cousin, 1 time removed. Killed almost instantly by enemy shell fire while with his Company in an assembly area.
  • Moffat Private Douglas Walter (WWI-CA) (1891-1916) Dad's 1st cousin, and my 1st cousin, 1 time removed. Died of wounds as a Prisoner of War, either in Wahns, Germany or Valceiennes, France (most likely.)
  • Rheaume, F/Sgt Earl Stewart (WWII-CA) Husband of Dorothy Ristow, 3rd cousin 1 time removed. His bomber was shot down over the Netherlands, killing all five of the crew.
  • Rice, Lance Corporal Arthur George (WWI-CA) (1891-1918) No relation but from Asquith. He was an observer with the 4th Tank Brigade and died in a burning tank during an attack South West of Hangard Wood in France.
  • Scott, Private William Basil (WWI-CA) (1879-1916) Killed Sep 26, 1916. Husband of Caroles 3rd cousin, 1 time removed.
  • Scott, Private Charles Foster McCargar (WWI-CA) (1895-1917) Lorrie Ellen's granduncle. Death detail records are missing for letters S-Z so details of death are not known at this time.
  • Scott, Flight Sergeant Gordon Douglas (WWII-CA) (1921-1943) Lorrie Ellen's 1st cousin, 1 time removed.
  • Scott, Flying Officer Nelson McGregor (WWII-CA) (1920-1944) My 4th cousin. Died in Singapore. From the Canadian Virtual War Memorial - n the Far East at Singapore, the SINGAPORE MEMORIAL bears, on its columns, the names of over 24,000 soldiers and airmen of the British Commonwealth and Empire who have no known grave. The airmen whose names are inscribed on the Memorial died during operations over the whole of southern and eastern Asia and the surrounding seas and oceans.
  • Sykes, Corporal Henry (CW-US) (abt 1842-1863) Died of wounds while serving with Company H, 83rd Infantry Regiment Indiana, Union Army.
  • Ternapolski, Master Corporal John William (Other) (1968-1993) No relation. Died in a vehicle accident in Bosnia while serving with the UN Peace Keeping Forces.
  • White, Corporal Ronald Wentworth (WWI-NZ) (1896-1916) Killed in Action. My 3rd cousin from New Zealand.