F, #36796
Last Edited22 Mar 2018
     In the obituary of Phyllis Patterson who died 19 April 1982, her granddaughter, Nicole was listed as predeceased.1


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Nellie Jane Sheffield1

F, #36797, d. 22 March 1914
Last Edited22 Apr 2021
     She was born at Sheffield, England.2,3 Nellie married Frank Fairbrother before 1900.1,4
     She died on 22 March 1914 at Saskatchewan, Canada.1


Frank Fairbrother b. 1873, d. 4 Mar 1944


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John Wild1

M, #36800, b. 24 June 1925, d. 28 May 2014
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     He was born on 24 June 1925, on the family farm north of Silton, at Saskatchewan, Canada.2 John married Lillian Jeanette Stettner.1
     He died on 28 May 2014, at home at or near Silton, at Saskatchewan, Canada, at age 88.2
     The following selected information is extracted from his obituary.
Survivor(s): Lillian Wild. Predeceased: Heather.2

     John Wild was buried at Silton Cemetery, RM of McKillop No. 220, Saskatchewan, Canada.2
     In the obituary of Heather Wild who died 17 July 2003, her father-in-law, John Wild, was listed as a survivor.1
     See the footnotes below for a link to his obituary that appeared in the newspaper The Leader-Post published in Regina, Saskatchewan, 2 June 2014.2
     In the obituary of Lillian Jeanette Stettner who died 18 February 2017, her husband, Johnny Wild was listed as predeceased.3


Lillian Jeanette Stettner b. c 1933, d. 18 Feb 2017
Marriage*John married Lillian Jeanette Stettner.1 


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